Patient Health Information Policy

Lifeline Healthcare Group take responsibility for keeping patient data and personal health information secure, private, and only accessible to staff members who have been given permission.

By taking the needs of the patient into account, Lifeline Healthcare Group always make sure to follow the Australian Privacy Principles.

Appointment Policy

As a reputable healthcare organization, we follow a number of policies at Lifeline Healthcare Group as per the government medical terms and conditions. Please refer to the following policies before visiting the clinic.

  • New patients are required to visit the clinic 10 minutes prior to the appointment as they need to fill out the "New Patient Details" form.
  • Patients are requested to inform 20 minutes before the appointment in case they want to cancel or re-schedule the appointment.
  • New patients are requested to bring their medicare card for the first time to validate them in our system.
  • Patients are not encouraged to request any document (Medical Certificate, Imaging Request, Prescriptions, Carer Certificate, Health Assessment Report, GP Mental Health Plan etc.) over the phone as it cannot be done without assessing the patient physically.
  • We urge all patients who need repeat prescriptions to make an appointment as it is not possible to request over the phone. This reduces the risk of errors such as drug names and strengths.
  • Drug interactions and control checks for your health problems should be done by your GP. Don't hesitate to talk to your GP and let them know all of your current medications to make sure there are no conflicts.

Information We Collect

We request following data to keep track of the patient and patient condition in case of emergency.

  • Patient Bio Data - Title, Surname, Given Name, First Name, Middle Name, D.O.B, Occupation, Address, Suburb, Post Code, Contact Details, Email Address, Medicare Card No, IRN No on the Medicare, Expiry of the Medicare, Healthcare Card Details, Next Of Kin Details, Emergency Contact Details and Details of any Allergy patient has for Drugs or Dressings.
  • Past Medical Records and Past medications

Transfer Past Medical Records

There are two types of transaction happens.

  • If you're a new patient transferred from other practice, you're required to sign the authority form to get all the past records transferred from the previous practice.
  • If you want to trasnfer from our practice to another practice, they should request us for the medical records and kindly note that Lifeline Healthcare Group do not transfer patient information via email according to industry and best practice standards. They can be faxed to the relevent practices upon their request.