GP Consultation Service

GP Consultation

Lifeline Healthcare Group aka Lifeline Medicals Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2015. Our services started with a single GP single clinic and now grown as four GP clinics with multiple full-time and part-time General Practitioner. Our doctors are from different healthcare backgrounds which gives us a diversified knowledge in understanding a patient's condition. We offer range of health services such as Men's and Women's health, family planning & fertility advice, Children Health, Vaccinations, Mental Health Assessments, Chronic Disease Management, General Health Assessment, Weight Management, Prescriptions, Medication Management, Specialist Referrals, Radiology Referral and Review, Pathology Request and Review, Minor Surgical Procedure, Cryotherapy, Issuance of Certificates (medical certificates, carer certificates, certificate of capacity) and Work-Cover Assessments for regular patients.

All the above services are being offered face to face according to the terms and conditions and we no longer accept telehealth consultations except in an emergency. The level of urgency varies and we believe that our patients do not abuse this to consult doctors from home.


Safe & Effective

We respect your privacy. Relationships between patients and doctors as well as doctor consultations are kept private.


Quick & Easy

Simplified processes and faster responses reduce your waiting time to see the doctor.


Personal Protective

Patients' medical and personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is never disclosed to anyone or to any practise without their consent.


Classified Drugs

Systematic drug classification criteria is taken into consideration in order to keep the patients healthy.